Why should we be your backflow service company?

Backflow Testing: At lllinois Backflow Testing we provide backflow device annual testing for any devices sized from 1/2"-10". With our continuing on the job training and education on updated material and services, we are able to provide excellent service to our clients. We focus on backflow devices to provide the best services and provide answers to any questions that you may have. Records are kept of when your backflow device was last certified and we will notify you one month prior to the due date of your annual inspection. We also like to provide you with a simple process and IBT will complete and file all paperwork to the governing bodies that require it, a simple way to keep you in compliance with state and local ordinances.

lnstallations: We also specialize in the installation of backflow devices. Are you in need of a backflow device to be installed on your fire or lawn sprinkler system? We are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the installation. We can complete retro fitting with your existing device connected to the fire system, domestic device, or irrigation system.

Repairs: lf your device has failed we are trained to complete the necessary repairs. Every technician is trained and licensed to complete service on backflow devices connect to your fire system, domestic device, or irrigation system.