What is a Backflow Preventer Device?

A Backflow Preventer Device is an approved assembly, which uses check valves within the device to prevent cross-contamination of the water system occurring. Backflow devices also prevent water from reversing the direction of its flow keeping contaminants from backing up into your water system, thus keeping your water safe with a backflow device.

How Often Do I Need My Backflow Preventer Device Tested?

The lllinois Department of Public Health and local ordinances require that each backflow have it, mandatory test and certifications completed annually by a licensed cross-connection controI device inspector. Backflow prevention devices can be found connected to your fire sprinkler systems, domestic water supplies, irrigation systems, dental equipment, boiler systems, and more.

How Can I Get My Backflow Preventer Device Tested or lnstalled?

lllinois Backflow Testing (lBT) is a fully licensed plumbing contractor, with licensed crossconnection control device inspectors (CCCDI). With this we can administer the services you need to certify and install your backflow preventer device and complete.